SONG OF THE DAY Nancy Sinatra – Friday’s Child

It’s not often that I favour a cover version over the original, especially when the original happens to be a Lee Hazelwood track, but this one time I think I ever-so-slightly prefer Nancy Sinatra’s rendition!

Friday’s Child was written by Lee Hazelwood in 1965 and featured as the title track to his third album, which was issued on Reprise Records. A year later Nancy Sinatra released it as the A-side to a 45 she backed with Hutchinson Jail.– which is also a song penned by Lee Hazelwood and also appeared on his Friday’s Child LP!

I don’t know what it is about Sinatra’s version of Friday’s Child that makes me like it more, maybe this a song that lends itself better to a female voice? Sinatra and Hazelwood worked closely together for many years, so its no surprise she could do his songs so much supreme justice. Nancy’s vocals seem to soar in this song and, in her own right, I think this really showcases just how nice her voice was?  It’s the pace too! Nancy Sinatra’s rendition is just that little bit slower and that also makes a great deal of difference, I think it heightens the feeling? I love the more soulful feel to the backing vocals as they punctuate this piece with their punchy “Friday’s Child” . This version wins me over every time, it’s a stunner!!!

Check it out above and listen to the original below…which do you prefer??

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