SONG OF THE DAY Jack White – Eosophobia

Released two days ago, Jack White’s latest offering is invitingly entitled Fear of the Dawn and offers 12 new tracks all of which have been described as being like “no other White record released previously” Though it’s fair to say that White seemingly has a bottomless pit of creativity and is never afraid to use it in whatever way it comes out!

This latest record, released on his Third Man label, was written in the aftermath of “intermittent fasting and bouts of staring directly at the sun of a morning” and presents itself in the form of an sizzling ball of fast moving energy. Marked by crashing edgy peaks and soft articulated lulls, the contrast of light and dark echoes the essence of the record’s theme perfectly. Perhaps I’m pointing out the obvious here, but the distinction between night and day comes through perfectly.

Translated from the Greek word for fear of the dawn, Eosophobia throws out a heady fusion of dub flourishes and summoning, menacing guitars as uptight lyrics attempt to ward of the morning with White asserting, “No you don’t”. It’s play on light/soft makes this track stand-out! Check it out above and listen/purchase the whole album from here.  

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