SONG OF THE DAY Grainger Hunt – Noah

Feeling a little weary tonight, I didn’t know what I was looking for as far as music goes, but sometimes things just come to you, and sometimes its just what you need! Today’s track landed in my lap earlier and, in all its jagged, edgy glory, revitalised my flagging head! What a treat!!

One source suggests that this song is an “obvious re-write of a Howlin’ Wolf tune”, but nothing confirms this, and since the riff does have teeny bits of lots of things going on, I’ll leave the guessing to you, the listener!..but yes, I guess you could say that this does sound like a few other songs? I like the guitar work though!

Backed with a song called Say Boss Man on the b-side, Noah seems to be the only 45 released by a singer called Grainger Hunt. Issued on Texan label, Le Cam Records, this single came out in 1964, and though I have found one other 45 by a ‘Granger Hunt’, the names don’t match and nothing seems to back up that these are one and the same artist? If anyone can shed any light? Meanwhile…enjoy this track above!

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