SONG OF THE DAY US69 – 2069: A Spaced Oddity

Playing this earlier, I did receive some light ribbing for listening to a song with lyrics that are made up of so many La la la la la la la la La la la la la la la la’s, but you like what you like and nobody should tell you different!….. I’ve often said that some of my most favourite songs are made up of lyrics I can’t fathom, do not understand, or just consist of random sounds, but the voice is just as much an instrument as any other and transcends any language….anyway….

Today’s cosmic exploration is otherworldly and, aptly titled, A Spaced Oddity, offers an expressive opportunity to escape and reflect. I’ll never turn down the chance to escape and this has aided my daily getaway nicely with its fanciful lyrics that open with the lines, “One day as I lay in the sky/ With the earth on my back/ And the sun on my eyes /As I turn over gently/ To see the field where I lay/ I found the earth had been floating /About a light year away….”  Strings weave bright melodies into sauntering rhythms and as the layers intertwine, everything in me seems to unravel. That’s what I like!

US69 – 2069 were a Connecticut-based band made up of Bill Cartier (drums), Bill Durso (vocals, guitar), Bob DePalma (saxophone), Don DePalma (piano, trumpet), and Gil Nelson (bass, flute). Previously called the Mustard Family, the band changed their name to US ’69 before the release of any of their material.

Signing with the Buddah label, US69’s album Yesterdays Folks (from 1969) has been cited as the best album ever released by the label and is strong from start to finish. The band combines a great mix of eastern-influenced music with sitar, along with psychedelic, jazz, rock, soul, and funk. It was to be their only release regretfully and is home today’s wistful wonder!!..which I’ve also included a lengthy 10 minute version of below for your pleasure!!..I’ve also included the full album at the bottom of this page too!! Enjoy…

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