SONG OF THE DAY Chuck Berry – Blue Feeling

Secondary, 2 of 2When I used to think of Chuck Berry I’d always think wild rock’n’roll Johnny B Goode goodness, but Mr Berry has, over the years, dazzled me with some more of his refined numbers (not that I don’t like his  more rockin’ stuff, don’t get me wrong).

Today’s song is definitely one of his more cultivated and laid-back creations. It’s the kind of song you immediately become immersed in, especially once that piano starts dancing all over the place. Whilst those keys do all the work, that soft, smooth guitar just sits back and coasts its way through as a delicious rhythm flickers in the background. It’s a work of wondrous instrumental wizardry!

Issued on the Chess label in 1957, Blue Feeling was written and released by Chuck Berry and featured as the B-side to his Rock and Roll Music 45.  The song was also later covered by Ronnie Wood with His Wild Five.

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