SONG OF THE DAY Skinny Pelembe – Should You Go

As often is the case with lots of my posts, they are the product of lengthy random musical tangents and chance finds. I like that. In a world I often try control, these musical explorations brings about a sense of unplanned and fortuitous opportunity!

Born in Johannesburg, growing up in Doncaster and now based in London, Skinny Pelembe’s music reflects the freedom of his creative make-up. He produces, plays guitar, sings and MCs, tapping into a unique, influence-weaving sound. With an open mind and sample-hunting, studio-meddling mindset, Skinny Pelembe’s music roams hazy, psychedelic realms.  Drawing upon late-night, scribbled notes as inspiration for his lyrics, his sound is “honest and often surreal” and, from what I’ve heard so far, is something of intrigue and attractive possibility.

As described on his Bandcamp page, his compositions are “interwoven amongst loose, textured rhythms and a bright-tinted melodic sheen, his songs exist in the wonderful, hard-to-define fringes of pop. Overlaying sampled, programmed beats with live drums and percussion, sun-flecked riffs cut through the EP’s fuzzy aura…”

His writing and creative ethics are so very reflected in his sound and I love the sense of freedom it brings about, this is so discernible! Should You Go is taken from his debut EP, Seven Year Curse, which was released in 2017. I love the opening, I love seagulls and I love the mindset this song immediately puts me in! I think I mentioned the word possibility earlier, but this is what this music offers. Possibility is hope and with this comes a sense of freedom…this is where it takes me!

As I write I am listening to all five tracks and can highly recommend this to anyone wishing to alleviate any of the days stresses. There is nothing demanding about this music, but it certainly does capture and captivate the imagination. I like that that most of his inspirations are gathered from insightful moments and noted thoughts – as is the case with his debut, which was written as a result of some advice given from a stranger!

I guess the lesson is don’t discount the advice of strangers, even if they’re massive Kula Shaker fans.” So says Skinny Pelembe, as he recalls an important insight he’s gleaned in making his debut EP. As he recounts, it was the advice of an over-familiar German stranger – via a message on Instagram – which prompted him to start writing down his dreams!. Maybe we should all take a leaf out of Skinny’s book!


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