SONG OF THE DAY Jack Jolly – Amnesia

R-6901825-1558775939-5271Some sources refer to this song as ‘borderline’ psych, some just as a straight r’n’b number, whilst one nailed it when they called this a rockabilly lament! Jack Jolly may have been his name, but jolly wasn’t his game, and why you be if you had lost your mind? Or at least forgotten it?

Issued on an obscure label called TOF Records, sometime (at an educated guess) in the 1960’s, Amnesia was the only 45 Jack Jolly issued. Joined by the Sam Kimble band (Samuel J. Kimble being an American composer and band leader) this song was backed with a track called Guantamano Blues. Though such is the scarcity of this record, the B-side isn’t even available anywhere, so I can’t share this with you regretfully.

I do always seem to gravitate towards these random one-off’s, which is good in that it keeps them flowing through time, but it can be frustrating when you can’t hear the flip-side or find out more about the artist/band. Still, I hope you enjoy!

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