SONG OF THE DAY Pearl Reaves with Paul Farano Trio – High Noon

Pearl_Reaves_and_the_Paul_Farano_TrioIt’s not often you come across a lady like we have today! Pearl Reaves is something of a legend because she was doing things that not many women of her time had done! Born in the late 1920’s Pearl Reaves (also known by her married name, Pearl Farano) was a R&B singer and guitar player, possibly best known for her 1955 single, I’m Not Ashamed (Ugly Woman). Not only was she an accomplished singer and musician, but she led her band, played guitar and was backed by an all-male group! She was the driving force and the leader of this band!

Married to Paul Farano, it was her meeting with this club owner (The Palace Blue Room in Rahway) that ultimately shaped her musical career. It was 1949 and Reaves had just moved to Rahway, New Jersey with her sister. Attending weekly amateur talent contests at The Palace Blue Room, she had entered and won the contest five weeks in a row – thus impressing club owner, Paul Farano. As a result she was hired as the club’s house singer, fronting the Paul Farano Trio. Farano himself was a drummer and subsequently taught Pearl how to play the guitar, piano and organ and within two years of their meeting, the pair were married!

Moving to Boston in the 1960’s, the couple started their own record label called Pearlsfar and over the next two decades (as well as performing locally in clubs together) they went on to release several 45’s as Pearl Reaves and the Farano Trio. Their repertoire may only have presented itself in a handful of singles, but their music spread over four decades and several genres, including R&B, rock’n’roll, soul, funk and gospel!! In the 1980’s Reaves gave up performing and became a preacher, recording her last single in 1982!

R-8775579-1468518499-8576High Noon is a swaggering instrumental with a sassy melody and film-themed feel. I can’t find a definite release date, but it looks like it was one of Pearl Reaves’ early 45’s, originally issued as the b-side to a track called King Kong – which isn’t available to hear/preview anywhere online unfortunately. At a guess I’d say this was issued early to mid-1960’s, but if anyone can clarify this detail futher, do get in touch?

Check it out above.

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