SONG OF THE DAY We Hate You Please Die – Melancholic Rain

0024483952_10“From post-punk to garage through pop, this time anything goes. It might have been what felt most liberating to the band who usually rejects labels. If the topics are tough, having fun is not overlooked, for if this visceral wrath is still in our stomachs, it mustn’t keep us from dancing with the rest of our bodies.” (We Hate You Please Die)

Going by their name, here we have a band who are not afraid to step into the fray! They are bold, they are ballsy and they follow their own path! Armed with their sensational garage-punk sound and hailing from Rouen, Normandy, France, We Hate You Please Die are a 4-piece who emerged about four years ago. I don’t want to just label these as ‘garage punk’, however, for their riotous lofi creations also seamlessly merge into the more jangly garage-pop realms at times too.

What I really like is that they remind me of Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster in places, I think its the frenzied parts that do it!! I love that madness! I love the balance of order and chaos, it really gets you appreciating each part and I enjoy their front, fortitude and conviction! You can’t fake that kind of feel and it pours out of every single sonic thread in abundance!! Their stance for change in a world system that’s currently breaking down is summed up in this sentence from their bio, which declares: “….hope is now here as freaks and underdogs take up arms, some would rather fight than take selfies, voiceless people are screaming, it is time for deconstruction.” I love it! If only we all thought like this!

Melancholic Rain appears on their debut album, Kids Are Lofi which, quite frankly, is pretty spectacular from start to finish. It’s got that extra ‘something’ and I’m really enjoying my third listen so far!!

This record was their first offering, appearing in 2018, but there has been a more recent offering in 2021! I’m now off to check that out too and if you fancy hearing more or buying their wonderful wares, you can do that right here. Enjoy!

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