SONG OF THE DAY José Larralde – Quimey Neuquén

PrimaryIt’s taken me a while to locate the actual original version of this song as there seems to be an abundance of edit’s and remixes out there – including the very cool Chancha Vía Circuito Remix, but the one I’ve featured is the 1967 original…and what an absolute beauty this is!! It really reminds me of Robbie Basho!! 

Canta José Larralde was the debut album of José Teodoro Larralde Saad, better known as José Larralde. Issued in 1967 on the RCA label, this record launched what has been a hefty discography for this artist; one that has stretched over 40 years! It should come as no surprise really that this prolific artist started out very young! At the age of 7 he had already written songs with social content and as he grew, his music reflected the people and places he had stumbled upon in his life. Such was the vibrancy of his sound, he could probably write a song about paint drying and make it sound stunning!

A descendant of Arabians and basques, his heritage is rooted in his compositions and if the life of being a musician wasn’t crowded enough, José Larralde has also juggled with being a bricklayer, a rural worker, a solderer, a mechanic and a guitarist and songwriter!!..The latter being his greatest achievement to date, no doubt! He is a varied man to say the least!!

Quimey Neuquén opens Canta José Larralde like an invocation and its hard not to fall under its spell! It’s a gorgeous song! I’m now working my way through the rest of the album (which I’ve also pasted below) and am finding José Larralde’s voice rather charming! Enjoy!

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