SONG OF THE DAY Sparrow and the Workshop – Father Look

hqdefaultThe great thing about having your ipod on constant shuffle is that you never know what’s coming next and for me that’s a great thing, I like the element of surprise.  Whilst out on a jaunt the other day a song came on that I hadn’t heard for some time, and it just so happened to be one of my favourite tracks from the whole album.

Titled ‘Father Look’ and performed by Glasgow-based three-piece Sparrow and the Workshop, I can certainly recommend this one if you’re in the mood for something a little ‘waltzy’ and melodic. Beginning with a gentle triplet beat, Jill O’Sullivan’s strong vocals glide in and gently elevate as the song gathers and layers build; and there’s now way I’m not going to mention the lovely snare drum work in the latter part of the song, I love a good rudiment/roll on a snare!

‘Father Look’ appears on Sparrow and the Workshop’s second album, ‘Spitting Daggers’ which was released in 2011 via Distiller Records.  I’ve also been reading this BBC review of the album which is worth a look if you want to discover more.  Listen above.


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