SONG OF THE DAY The Neighbourhood – West Coast

c13f8fa780023b6bf3d1bf37334cbd62.600x600x1When genre-crossing band the Neighbourhood got together in 2011, this was more than just a merging of 5 Californian musicians, this was also a fusion of indie rock, electronica, hip-hop beats and R&B.

The band’s debut album ‘I Love You’ was released 2013 and later that year came the three track EP ‘The Love Collection,’ which is where today’s song comes from.

Titled ‘West Coast,’ this smooth, melodic tribute sees the Californian band embrace their cultural heritage with slick, laid-back beats, silky synths and Jesse Rutherford’s sun-drenched vocals rhyming contemplative lines like, “If the sun was God, I’d be covered in faith, If the ocean was the devil, I’d be covered in hate.”

One play of this and you can almost feel the sunshine warming the ears, its insightful lyrics adding depth and making this song far more than just a pretty melody.  Listen above.

‘West Coast’ features on ‘The Love Collection’ which can be purchased from here

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