SONG OF THE DAY Oscar Jerome – You Take Me

0008294934_10Oscar Laurence, aka Oscar Jerome, is a young London-based artist whose smooth laid back creations nestle nicely amidst a gentle fusion of hip hop, jazz and soul; also merging these sounds with contemporary electronica and organic instrumentation.

Making it into Glastonbury’s long list of up-and-coming artists this year, the festival really rated his EP, describing first track ‘Give Back What You Stole From Me’ as a, “a heady fusion of jazz rhythms, hip-hop bite and soulful melodies… both inexplicably energetic and laid-back”.

Citing his primary influences as MF Doom, John Coltrane, Gil Scott Heron, John Martyn, Ebo Taylor and Jay Dilla to name but a few, it is easy to hear how these inspirations have helped to shape and sculpt his creations.

a4275554126_16After stumbling upon Oscar Jerome’s new self-titled EP earlier this week, I gave it a good listen and found that it provided the perfect accompaniment to this lazy and unhampered Sunday afternoon.  Taken from this new four track release (which came out last month) comes the silky sounds of ‘You Take Me,’ which offered me the perfect opportunity to sit down and kick back for five minutes of relaxing escapism.  Listen above.

Check out the whole EP here.

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