SONG OF THE DAY Quantic – Time Is The Enemy

0007571752_10Following yesterdays big beats comes another aptly titled track, ‘Time Is The Enemy.’  With little time to write today, time is against me and, whilst some of you may already be familiar with this artist, for those who aren’t there is plenty of info out there so it won’t be hard to track down.

DJ, multi-instrumentalist and record producer, William ‘Will’ Holland, has been making music since early 2000.  Born in UK, he now resides in New York and records under various guises such as, Quantic,The Quantic Soul Orchestra and The Limp Twins.

Impressively as a musician he plays guitars, bass, double bass, piano, organ, saxophone, accordion and various percussion, whilst as a producer he creates mainly original compositions, utilising only a small amount of samples in his music.

Over the last 17 years, Holland has released many albums, with today’s song featuring on his debut, The Fifth Exotic which was released in 2001.a3905613628_10

Time Is The Enemy is bursting with big beats and smooth electronic melodies, it’s a great track…and if anyone is wondering about samples in this track, Quantic has taken a snippet of Rare Earth’s, Get Ready and Tony Newman’s Soul Thing! Listen above.

Grab your copy of The Fifth Exotic from here. 

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