SONG OF THE DAY Abdominal and The Obliques – Sock Hop

Toronto rapper Andy Bernstein, aka Abdominal, featured today’s song on his 2012 album, Sitting Music.  Best known for his extraordinary breath control and fun raps, this album was an experimental venture for the hip hop artist who sought to incorporate a mix of folk, blues and country into his sound.

Accompanied The Obliques, Abdominal’s backing band consisted of, guitarist Andrew Frost and percussionist Colin Kingsmore.  Abdominal still raps on this album, but with a smoother flow that sometimes becomes singing, while his band provide backing harmonies and hooks.  Delivering a diverse selection of subjects throughout this collection of songs, Sock Hop offers an interesting insight into his own mental state, in which he uses his sock drawer to describe and discuss OCD, which he has also described on his Bandcamp page as, A song about socks and mental health.  Anyone with the slightest inclination for OCD will find comfort, humour and a connection with this song (I can definitely relate!).  In this effortless flow of heartfelt words, Abdominal encapsulates what it is to appreciate the things we do have control over, verses the many things we have no power to change: Because the big, bad world I canʼt control, so I instead I keep my socks neatly stacked and rolled.  

This is an awesome song, Abdominal has a way with words which doesn’t just come out in the content of his music, but also in the delivery and expression.  Listen above and check out the whole album here (where you can also read all lyrics for Sock Hop!)

Abdominal and long-time collaborator, DJ Format, are to release new album, Still Hungry, at the end of this month, with a tour commencing early this May (I’m def going to make it to one of these dates!).  Check out show details below and pre-order your copy of their new album from their Bandcamp page here.



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