SONG OF THE DAY Good Good Blood – Away Away

It’s so nice to find myself completely captured in a moment this evening, lost for a few minutes in a song which has coaxed me in with its gentle and inviting melody, nourishing my ears with words that really resonate with the way I feel tonight…

UK singer-songwriter, James Smith, aka Good Good Blood, writes music which is honest and uncensored, delicate in his delivery he writes from the heart, covering personal experiences and expressing, perhaps almost exorcising, his inner turmoil in what has developed into a whole album of music.

Written and recorded at his home in January this year and released last month via US label, Team Love RecordsSongs From Where I Live is James Smith’s debut. The album was born out of a long bout of depression where the act of musical creativity was both cleansing and self-affirming.

According to his Bandcamp page, “echoes of Alex G and Mount Erie” can be heard in his music which highlights “uplifting moments that signal rebirth and growth, and lyrical themes focusing on life, mental health, family and ultimately, the grounding embrace of the little Northern England town where he lives.

So far I’ve made it to track two on the album and got caught in the graceful clutches of Away Away.  I love the way this song begins, opening with what sounds like a tribal drum beat, instantly making me think of a hypnotic Native American Indian rhythm.  As an acoustic guitar plucks out spacious and delicate chords, hushed vocals soothingly open the track declaring how, “I just need the peace and the quiet of the morning.” The song continues to flow with a reassuring calmness, for which I eagerly anticipate will continue through the rest of the album, this I intend to fully explore over the coming days…

If you would like to hear more or purchase Songs From Where I Live, you can do that via Good Good Blood’s Bandcamp page here.

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