SONG OF THE DAY El Michels Affair – Shaolin Brew

Last month, New York’s El Michels Affair, aka the group of Leon Michels, released their highly anticipated follow-up album to their 2009, Enter the 37th Chamber.

Titled, Return To The 37th Chamber, this collection of songs revisits the albums of the Wu Tang Clan with whole new soulful take!

Featuring Lee Fields and newcomer Shannon Wise from The Shacks, the album also covers a great Wendy Rene track called Tearz, for which Shannon Wise provides the vocals.

In addition to re-interpreting the Wu compositions for a live band, El Michels Affair pays homage to the production and sonic fog that makes a RZA song to distinguished and has recorded the album completely analog!

It was tough picking a track from this album for today’s song because they are all great & in an ideal world I’d just feature the lot because this is one of those albums best played straight through! In the end I’ve chosen, Shaolin Brew ( Wu-Tang’s contribution to the St. Ide’s Hip Hop endorsement campaign from 1994) as it does sound super funky as an instrumental!  Listen above.

Return To The 37th Chamber was released April 14 with the vinyl version featuring 4 different hand painted covers!  The originals to this artwork were painted on two sewn together flour sacks in Accra, Ghana by Heavy J and Stoger, two artists who are legends in the Ghanaian Mobile Cinema scene and regular contributors to the Deadly Prey Gallery’s collection in Chicago!

Grab yourself a copy of the album from here if you haven’t already snatched this up!



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