SONG OF THE DAY Little Barrie – Love or Love

Ever since the London-based trio Little Barrie emerged from Nottingham in 1999 they have been cooking up their very own unique blend of surf-rock, blues and good old-fashioned psych-infused garage and feeding it to hungry psych fans such as myself!!

Their latest album Death Express isn’t due until next month, but the trio have kindly shared some tracks from this coming release, including the single Love or Love.  This track immediately hits you with a frenzied drum beat and hyper bassline, its pace is fast, furious and frantically exhilarating; this song in particular makes me think of The Seeds!

Discussing the track, Cadogan has said: ” ‘Love Or Love’ is about the constant push and pull of life between day-to-day survival, mentally and financially, achieving personal goals and being there for the ones you love. That need to go with your gut but the guilt that comes with it.

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