SONG OF THE DAY Meernaa – Good Luck

Meernaa at times feels like a fantasy designed by Solange and Grizzly Bear on mushrooms….

Good Luck is the latest single from Oakland trio Meernaa and, in all of its delicate glory, is well worth a few moments of your undivided attention!  After DRMS disbanded a few years ago, band members Carly Bond and Rob Shelton went on to form Meernaa.

With a sound that evades one single genre Meernaa’s music sometimes dips into the understated realms of r’n’b, whilst other times explores and experiments with the electronic sounds of post-rock.  What I also like and appreciate about this three-piece is the description on their Bandcamp page which describes how, “like a true spirit quest, Meernaa will allow you to let go of something you didn’t know you were holding.”  Evocative and soulful, this is the feeling I instantly got from Good Luck and through its gentle and divine feel, this track really does evoke a sense of letting go. Carly Bond’s vocals are also just so ethereal and possibly even a bit magic as they have left me feeling serene and relaxed which, if you know me, is unheard of!! Good Luck was released at the end of last month and can be purchased from here.   

I also thought I’d share this great live version of Good Luck from September 2014 which was recorded at Sofar San Francisco. Watch it below:

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