SONG OF THE DAY The Painted Ship – And She Said Yes

Today I bring you the raucous delights of this snarling garage-punk corker from 1966! me some garage-psych and I am forever happy and content!

Emerging in 1965 as The Wee Beasties (this was the name the inventor of the microscope gave to the “animals” he saw through that instrument), The Painted Ship were a garage-punk quartet from Vancouver, Canada.

Consisting of buckskin-clad Bill Hay (vocals), Bob Rowden (guitar), Ken Wain (keyboards) and Barry Rowden (drums), the band cut two singles in the late 60’s on the London label: ‘Audience Reflections (From Polyana’s Dreamworld)’ with ‘And She Said Yes’ on the b-side and ‘Frustration’ with ‘Little White Lies’ on the flip-side.  I love The Painted Ship so I dare say more of their songs will crop up in the near future, but tonight And She Said Yes is the dish of the day so take your fill and indulge yourself on this sweet, sweet psych-punk treat!

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