SONG OF THE DAY Brave New World – The Train Kept A Rollin’

Now I’ve asked myself tonight, is a quiet Monday evening the right time or place to unleash this beast of a song…and of course, the answer is a mighty, god damn, hefty YES!!

A far, far cry from the original, which was recorded by the jazz r’n’b musician, Tiny Bradshaw in 1951, this version was just a mere demo recording, but it’s completely electric and explosive!  And although there have been many covers of this superb track (with The Yardbirds’ 1968 version perhaps being the most well-known and popular rendition), this fireball is probably my favourite.

Best known for their R&B sound, Seattle’s psych-garage rockers the Brave New World recorded this mammoth chunk of mighty mayhem in 1967 and their rendition is utterly buzzing!! Check it out above.

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