SONG OF THE DAY Alex Maas – 500 Dreams

For anyone who stayed up last night to tune into Seattle’s Light In The Attic Records, you would have had the pleasure of watching their streamed live charity concert! Dubbed the Light In The Attic & Friends at Home, the concert featured new performances from artists from the LITA catalog along with others from the around the globe who covered songs from the label’s catalogue.

The label will be distributing 100% of all donations towards MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund, assisting those in the music community affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Performances were varied and eclectic, featuring artists such as: Barbara Lynn, Devendra Banhart, Gigi Masin, Fred Armisen, Marcos Valle, Lynn Castle, Jarvis Cocker (worth a watch), Azar Lawrence, Jim James, Money Mark, Inoyama Land, Gruff Rhys, Alex Maas, Michael Chapman, Grant & Frankie Olsen, Sessa, Stephen John Kalinish, Ben Gibbard, Julie Byrne, Members of the free Design Acetone and Supreme Jubilees..

Speaking of the event on their website, Light In The Attic Records explained how:  “While quarantined at home – from Rio to Tokyo; Cardiff to Austin; Barbados to Italy – each musician will be doing what they do best, sharing the gift of song, maybe in their pyjamas and maybe with their kids, and wherever feels comfy and cozey in the privacy of their home.”

One performance I particularly enjoyed was from The Black Angels front man, Alex Maas.  For the show he delivered an acoustic delight entitled 500 Miles which, from what I can gather, is either something new and unreleased or just something he has performed especially for the concert? (find this performance at 52:35 minsutes into the above video).  I’m not too sure which is the case, but in all its stripped-back acoustic glory, this track is something I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for in the future.  Hearing this track also inspired me check out whether there is anything else that Alex Maas has recorded and although there isn’t too much out there, I did find a handful of solo recordings, including this little below… I had no idea Alex Maas was so good!  Listen above (the Youtube clip at the top of the page should be cued for this particular song!!).  Check out Too Much Hate at the bottom of this page too!

Fans can now tune in for free and watch the entire concert which is now streaming on YouTubeArtists in order of appearance are as follows: Barbara Lynn 6:20/Devendra Banhart 11:56/ Grant & Frankie Olsen 17:08/ Fred Armisen 22:56/ Michael Chapman 25:53/ Gigi Masin 36:39/ Gruff Rhys 42:35 /Sandy Dedrick 46:37/ Money Mark 48:24/Alex Maas 52:35/ Marcos Valle 57:02/ Inoyama Land 1:06:31/ Jim James 1:09:57 /Leonard Sanders 1:13:59/ Jarvis Cocker 1:23:30/ Lynn Castle 1:28:22 /Azar Lawrence 1:32:07/ Mark Lightcap 1:37:36 /Sessa 1:43:55 /Ben Gibbard 1:47:30/ Julie Byrne 1:50:09/ Stephen John Kalinich 1:55:01 /Credits and song info 1:59:10

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