SONG OF THE DAY The Lanciers – Foolish Heart

Now if ever a song had to win a ‘love at first listen’ award, this would be one of them!  What a cracker!!  Thanks to The Numero Group’s Stephen Arndt for yesterday’s “Numero At Noonish (The Moody Garage Special)” live stream, because this is where I first heard this little beauty!

As with many garage bands of the 60’s, The Lanciers unfortunately came and went in a blink, but what they did record in their all-too brief career was today’s haunting track!  Entitled, Foolish Heart, the song details a dialogue between a man and his heart as he wistfully blames it for all woes he has befallen.  The single was released in 1965 via Lancier Enterprises and from what I can see this the only official release the band put out.  There is little out there about them, but I can tell you that The Lanciers were from Roseland/Chicago IL and all met at Fenger High School.  They broke up in 1966 when most of the members graduated and went on to different colleges and that is all I can find!

Interestingly, when I was first trying to find out who recorded this song, I put the lyrics into a google search and discovered a song called Jealous Heart.  The lyrics in this track are virtually the same; albeit they are in a slightly different order.  This is where today’s song originates!  In 1949 Country singer-songwriter, Jenny Lou Carson wrote and released Jealous Heart  and if you listen to the lyrics you will hear how some of the lyrics are identical to that in Foolish Heart: “I was part of ev’rything he planned for/And I know he loved me at the start/Now he hates the sight of all I stand for/All because of you, oh Jealous Heart.”  

It would appear that The Lanciers modified the song and altered the title a little – not to mention taking a classic country ballad and completely transforming it into this garage rock gem!  The song has also been recorded by an array of other artists including Wanda Jackson and Jerry Lee Lewis , but their versions are also country-based.

The Lanciers gave this song a totally different sound and I love it to bits! I love its lonesome cry so much and I tell you what, if I had spare £109 I would seriously consider buying the 45 as I’ve only found one for sale and would love to own this! Listen above.

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