SONG OF THE DAY The Poets of Rhythm – Rhodesian Girl

A few years ago Daptone Records compiled an album reissuing a collection of their favourite tracks by a duo named Poets of Rhythm.  So impressed by the music of these two German kids in the early 90’s, Daptone curated an Anthology of their work, featuring 18 tracks covering the years 1992-2013.

The Poets of Rhythm were a German funk band from Munich, founded in the early 90’s by guitarist/producer Jan Weissenfeldt and composer/singer/percussionist/bassist/ woodwind player, Boris Geiger.  Unlike many ‘soul revivalists’ of the time, however, their sound never set out to imitate a genre, but instead used soul/funk as a pivot from which they tailored their own style.

They nailed an authentic 70’s soul/funk sound so much so that I had to do a double take when I first heard today’s song!!  Released in 1996, Rhodesian Girl oozes cool! From the breezy funk melody to the epic rhythm of its sophisticated groove, this instrumental track is a treat for sure!  Check it out above.

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