SONG OF THE DAY The Cool Greenhouse – The End of the world

Sarcastic and intelligent post-punk, for the modern listener…

It surprised me when I realised that today’s song is not the latest track from London’s DIY punksters, The Cool Greenhouse; it is in fact one of their very first offerings and dates back a couple of years!!  I guess they didn’t realise just how (even more so) apt this song would be two years later, as the world enters into another dimension of impending doom! Climate change is not the only thing to wager our apocalyptic bets on it would seem!

Sarcastic, witty and thought-provoking, The Cool Greenhouse are not afraid to express their socially and environmentally aware lyrics; they glory in it! Fronted by the enigmatic Tom Greenhouse, this band are here to “influence the modern listener and awake them out of their state of slumber into the modern era where they can face the cold-harsh realities of the modern living.”

As The Cool Greenhouse map out their plans for the End of the world, the melody jitters about adding to the already mounting edginess, and whilst they plan to have front row seats to this ‘must-see’ event, I’d think I’d be one of the one who “think the end of the world is something to be missed”.  I mean, surely the build-up is where it all happens!?  In all seriousness though, this band have a grip on our looming plight and they have plenty to say about it!! Check it out above.

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