SONG OF THE DAY Buddy Fo and His Group – When It’s Time To go

It’s the chord changes in this song that makes it rather magical.  Delicate transitions change the feel and instead of a croon standard, the melody takes you into a haunted serenade as ghostly backing singers seal this enchanting vocal alliance.

When It’s Time To Go was written Hawaiian singer-songwriter Kui Lee in the mid 60’s.  Whether it was ever released by him, I cannot quite fathom, but it was Buddy Fo’s version that captured my attention with his version.

Buddy Fo was born in Honolulu on November 1, 1932 and started out in music playing percussion, he loved it! After graduating from Roosevelt High he formed the harmony group, the Invitations and went on to modernise a wide range of Hawaiian and popular standards.  Buddy Fo and his band’s understanding of the material came naturally as many of his group were descendants of the early Hawaiians.  Coupled with their own take on traditional standards, their sound took this music into new eras! Fo released this version in 1968. Check it out above.

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