SONG OF THE DAY Kool Men & Diamond T. – Inner City Man

On a roll with the slinky tunes, today I bring you this sinuous sax serenade, which comes courtesy of New Look Records.  New Look is a subsidiary of the great Timmion Records, which (I believe) was founded about ten years ago.

Specialising in all things jazz/funk, one of their first releases was Kool Men & Diamond T’s toe-tapping, hip swishing instrumental entitled, Inner City Man. Released in 2011 and backed with D.T’s Groove, what’s absolutely guaranteed with both these tracks is the cool, cool beats, jazzy guitar licks and sultry sax action!!

Kool Men & Diamond T consists of Timo Lassy (a Finnish jazz saxophonist/flutist and band leader known for his work in many jazz groupings, including for The Five Corners Quintet, with Nicola Conte, amongst many others) and The Kool Men…but I can’t find much out about the Kool Men – or Koolmen – so if anyone can offer more info, please do! Inner City Man offers four minutes of gleaming funk magic, so sit back and enjoy! 

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