SONG OF THE DAY Sunbirds – Spanish Sun

xxxxxIf you find yourself with a spare twelve minutes today, be sure to dedicate every second to the wanderings of this exotic ‘krautjazz’ odyssey, for this merits unhindered attention! Spanish Sun is an alluring journey into hypnotic worlds of jazz-funk fusions, krautrock and psych-rock; amongst other curious sounds. Taken from the Munich-based supergroup, Sunbirds’ self-titled debut album, this collection of songs sound way ahead of their time. 

Founded by drummer, Klaus Weiss in 1971, the Sunbirds were a collective of ‘jazzmen with slight rock leanings’.  Their debut album has been described as one of the finest late-night listening albums, and should you find yourself straying into its exploratory clutches, it won’t be long before you’re whisked off to into strange, otherworldly realms.  Their sound is dreamy, yet powerful, with an abundance of solos and other such kaleidoscopic sonic madness! Check it out above.

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