SONG OF THE DAY The Shade – All Is Gone

Today’s song may only be a short, sharp burst of garage rock goodness, but there is plenty to sink your teeth into here! There’s just enough mystery, regret, psych-madness and garage mayhem to satiate any psychoactive thirst, and just like any good garage tune, this has some tasty bass work, twangy guitar surges and brow-twitching twists!

Unfortunately, however, like most of the great psych songs out there, this is the only 45 the band released, but sometimes that’s the appeal to this splendiferous genre!! This psych-punk, DIY style birthed so many corkers, with band’s sprouting up from anywhere and everywhere! Whether artists released one single or a whole wealth of albums, this golden era of sound gave people the chance to pick up an instrument and just play raw garage punk!

All Is Gone is the b-side to a track called Big Boy Pete, which was released by The Shade on the small Dallas label called Twilight Records in 1968.  The Shade were a Dallas-based band, but little else is known about them other then they used to play at sock hops at the Twilight Skating Rink (from which Twilight Records’ name came).  Listen above.

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