SONG OF THE DAY Jody And Bobbie – Requiem For Love

Released as the b-side to Stranger in the Mirror (which I’ve pasted at the bottom of this post), Requiem For Love was released as a 45 in 1966. Both sides played gorgeous duets written and performed by Jody Reynolds, who was accompanied by the then starting out Bobbie Gentry! This was her debut record and the first she made for the Hollywood label, Titan.

Akin to the chemistry brewed up between Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra in their cool duets, Reynolds and Gentry weave their own web of love and dreaminess, but these songs are also tinged with a haunting twist and this adds a thread of darkness…..Listen above.

You know I’m gonna love you, have no fear
Just hold me dear
I place no one above you ‘neath the sun
My only one

When the chilly hand of loneliness reaches for your soul
Just come into my warm caress and darling you will know

That I’ll always need you to be mine
Till the end of time
There’s no one can please you like I do
My love is true

Then one day fate took my love away
Yes now you’re gone
Tragedy stepped in and had its say
That life is done

But when the lonely night surrounds me and I feel so bad
I recall your arms around me and the love we had

I know I’m gonna miss you that’s for sure
But I’ll endure
Perhaps in time I’ll even love again
But I can’t say when

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