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SONG OF THE DAY Gavin Clark – The Russian

I have been saving up for Gavin Clark’s Beautiful Skeletons for quite some time now, but with an average selling price of just over £200, I’ve yet to justify the purchase..but he is a hero of mine and one of my … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Connie Francis – Eighteen

It has been suggested that today’s sassy little number was written about Connie Francis, but at the date of its release in 1957 she would have been a good couple of years older than the title suggests, so I can’t … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Accü – Did You Count Your Eyes?

A heady fusion of psych and electronica defines the sound of the half Dutch, half Welsh artist, Accü’s debut single.  Did You Count Your Eyes? released last Friday and is to be the first track from her forthcoming album which is due … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Jonathan Richman – Grunion Run

There’s still so much Jonathan Richman I’ve yet to discover, but I’m getting there!  Grunion Run is a stomping instrumental track taken from his fourth solo album, I Jonathan, which was released in 1992 by the Rounder Records label. Always striving to … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Brenda Lee – I’m Sorry

I’ve been watching this really good TV series recently and Brenda Lee’s I’m Sorry was one of the many great songs to appear on the soundtrack.  Every time I hear it I can’t get it out of my head, it’s … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Comfort – Pass Me The Syrup

Comfort are a Brighton-based alternative outfit founded in 2017 whose second single, Pass Me the Syrup certainly lives up to its ‘sticky’ name; it’s firmly stuck in my head! The band consists of three childhood friends, Brendan Lyle, Jake Brown and James … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Gavin Clark & Ted Barnes – When We Had Faces (live)

On the 16th of next month it will be the three years since the untimely death of Gavin Clark. Ever since this beautiful artist emerged in 1997 I’ve been smitten by his captivating voice and exquisite songwriting.  He was an … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Michael Stasis – Hamtown Slang

If this is your first listen to Michael Stasis, join the club, this is my first listen too!..and I mean that quite literally, I am just on my second listen to the first song that introduced me to his music tonight! … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Holly Golightly – Seven Wonders

2015 saw Holly Golightly’s first solo album release in 11 years after working hard as one half of the blues/Americana duo Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs (The Brokeoffs being multi-instrumentalist Lawyer Dave). Though the last decade has seen the London-born singer relocate from the … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Marie Modiano – Guérir ma colère

Today’s song is the product of an extensive night of music searching and is a random find that has got right into my head!… Marie Modiano is a French singer/songwriter, lyricist and composer who has been releasing her music since … Continue reading

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