SONG OF THE DAY Les Abranis – Chenar Le Blues

“The Abranis group was born in the imagination of a young 14-year-old teenager in 1964 in France…..” Karim Abranis

Les Abranis are a Nigerian rock group from Algeria.  Created in 1967 by singer/bassist, Sid Mohand Tahar, (better known as Karim Abranis) they are considered by many as the precursor of the pop-rock genre in Algeria.

Throughout the 1970’s especially, the band attained great success in Algeria, but this soon spread to Europe and by the late 70’s/early-80’s they had made a good name for themselves.

Since their formation, the group has seen band members come and go and despite long periods of disbandment in the mid 80’s, Les Abranis got back together and released two studio albums in 2011 and 2018!

So far I’ve only heard Chenar Le Blues which, with its rather deep-groove funk undertones, takes the band into more psychedelic and alternative realms. The vocals have some nice grooves going on and the rhythm is mildly hypnotic!….a sound you perhaps wouldn’t expect from this bunch below who look like Nigeria’s answer to the Bee Gees!!! Listen above!


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