SONG OF THE DAY Rogér Fakhr – Gone Away

I’d never dismiss any music suggesting its not ‘my thing’ as my taste has expanded over these past few years into realms I’d not expect, but this is quite ‘smooth’ for me! Not for the first time the sound of Rogér Fakhr has caught my attention, so I think its time I find out more about him…here goes!

Rogér Fakhr is a musician from Lebanon who recorded most of his music in Beirut in the 1970’s – and some during a brief spell in Paris.  A lot of his material was never released, whilst other songs were only circulated on hand copied cassettes among friends. It’s a curious mix!

Part of the reason for this was the due to the chaos in Beirut brought about by the the civil war which took this bohemian city known as “the Paris of the East” into chaos – this lasted from 1975 until 1990! His songs never made it out!

I think the reason he has caught my attention so many times is because his sound changes so much and is so versatile! One minute he’s cooing at the soft domains of guitar-driven folk and then out comes some funk, soul and in today’s offering! He wrote, composed and arranged all of his songs but, until recently, not much of his material was available….until the great Habibi Funk Records persuaded him to reissue his music!

Earlier this year an 18-track record entitled Fine Anyway was released, offering an insight into this secret capsule of almost forgotten magic. I’m working my way through the record and whilst I not always partial to too much folk, the happy balance of funk verses folk seems to work!

I love the way Gone Away starts! There’s no messing about, the punchy percussion just grabs you and whisks you away into a garden of funk and sunshine! Lyrics are crisp and smart and the bass is a mighty force to be reckoned with..It’s got a nice energy! Check it out above and if you like, you can listen/purchase Fine Anyway from here!

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