SONG OF THE DAY David Sextet – Viei Loim Yo

If there’s one thing in life that frustrates me beyond words, is hearing an amazing radio show that has no playlist! This was the case with today’s song, but with some perseverance and time, I have (amazingly) managed to track down this gorgeous song!!

Ironically though, no sooner did I track down the artist and song, I then discovered that this artist/band are rather mysterious and information is scant to say the least! All I can really tell you is that the David Sextet, led by David Germain, were a Haitian band active from the mid-1970’s and that they only released (from what I can gather) three albums. Their 1974 debut entitled Agohé, followed by a self-titled offering that I cannot locate a release date for and a third record Rencontre Julietta, which featured Haitian singer, Julietta (this doesn’t have a release date either!).

The intoxicatingly enchanting sounds of Viei Loim Yo appears on their second album, which was released on Haitian label Editions “R”…..sometime in the mid-1970′! It’s an absolute stunner and not only am I am soooo chuffed to have tracked it down, but am really happy to be sharing this!

Listen above.

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