SONG OF THE DAY Frank Sinatra Jr – Black Night

When it comes to talent in the Sinatra family, the apple didn’t stray too far, and such is the case for Frank Sinatra Jr! Born Francis Wayne Sinatra in 1944, Frank Jr a singer-songwriter, actor and conductor who celebrated a career that spanned over fifty years!

Black Night is an epic track taken off his 1971 album, Spice, which was written by Sinatra Jr himself (despite many thinking this was his father’s song). A few years back the song also made it onto a film soundtrack and thanks to its appearance as the theme, this track alerted many an ear to Sinatra’s vocal and musical talents. The film in question being Entertainment, which was directed by Rick Alverson (though I’ve not actually seen this myself!).

The song came courtesy of the film’s star, Gregg Turkington (who plays a thinly veiled version of his Neil Hamburger character in Entertainment), the world’s foremost Frank Jr. expert, and his biggest fan. When asked to describe the song, Turkington summed it up perfectly by saying how, “‘Black Night’ is a haunting, evocative song that encapsulates a lifetime of disappointment and yearning. Riddle’s arrangement for this song, described as ‘evil’ by Frank Jr. in his liner notes, starts with one simple guitar and builds slowly until it coalesces into an absolutely heart-rending orchestral blast. Pure dynamite.” …..and what an explosive delight this is!! The peaks and troughs are satisfying enough, but halfway in, this song just erupts into an humongous sound and then, with grace, the peak drops back just enough to let Frank Jr’s vocals glide right back in! It’s a most pleasurable listen and the highs really do take you high! Check it out above.

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