SONG OF THE DAY Black Flower – Future Fauna

Now, today’s song requires a little commitment and a spare and uninterrupted 14 minutes of your time if you happen to have it? I don’t advise that you open your eyes and let the world back in until this song is done and only then, take your time and don’t rush away this hypnotic vision.

It’s fair to say that Ethio-jazz-inspired sonic meanderings are not in short supply these days, there is a lot to be found…and I say that as a good thing!! When its done well, you really feel it; this sound gets under your skin and circulates the body like some kind of mystic therapy.  Black Flower are cosmic clinicians and nearly a decade into their musical ventures, their sound has not faltered!

Known for their very own genre-bending fusion of what has been called Ethiodubjazz, Black Flower are a Belgium-based 5-piece with a passion for exploring the unknown, citing artists such as Mulatu Astatke, Lee Perry, Fela Kuti, Tony Allen as strong influences.

Their passion for this music has helped shape their sound and what comes out is a very own unique fusion of, ethiodub, jazz, Indian classical music, Balkan music, funk and oriental-inspired influences.  Also fascinated with ancient and contemporary cultures, they are driven by a passion to create a sound that will help to nurture both the body, mind and soul. See, they really are sonic Dr’s!

In the Spring of 2019 the band released their third album for Belgian label, Sdban Ultra. With previous offerings the band had bathed in an atmosphere of psychedelics, mythical figures, ancient sounds and modern cultures, but this new record explored different realms. Future Flora refers to the power of plants and their importance for the future and though the cross-pollination of previous sound and rhythms remain, explorations into Romanian and Maloya (Réunion) influences expanded their boundaries in this venture! This new sound plays out in the albums title track and this is one sonic voyage that’s in no hurry to get anywhere, for this song is all about the journey and not the destination! It’s a swirling little cracker that encapsulates both past and present….

Check it out above and listen/purchase the rest of the album from here. 

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