SONG OF THE DAY The Deviants – I’m Coming Home

PrimaryIt’s hard to say exactly who The Deviants were in one sentence, as this band have been around for many moons and in that time have seen many a different band member come and go! Initially known as The Social Deviants (but later shortened to The Deviants), they were formed by by journalist and singer-songwriter, Mick Farren in the early 1960’s. Based in Ladbroke Grove, London, their original line-up consisted of Farren (vocals), Sid Bishop (guitar), Cord Rees (bass) and Russell Hunter (drums). Rees was subsequently replaced by Duncan Sanderson, and Paul Rudolph later replaced Bishop.

Influences cited include, The Who, Charles Mingus, Velvet Underground, and Frank Zappa – a soundwhich roars out through their bluesy, gruff garage rock sound! As you can image, there were a fair few LP’s and singles issued over the years, all of which appeared on different labels, but the only album I really know (though still not well enough) is their 1968 offering, Ptooff!

This is where today’s song can be found. I’m Coming Home is edgy, experimental and rather heady. Structure is loose and dances in the fringes of protopunk, R&B and undiluted freakbeat madness and I love the way it sinks further into this hazy craze the more the song goes on!! Check it out above.

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