SONG OF THE DAY Abraxas – Sunrise State (Of Mind)

Abraxas - Sunrise State (Of Mind). Bleep.I love it when artists twist, bend and reinvent themselves in many sonic ways, always evolving, yet always maintaining that solid root that gives them their edge; such is the case with today’s band. With a sound that resides in the glorious realms of garage rock, the Night Beats are known for their heavy psychedelic creations. Now, taking with him this established sound, Danny Lee Blackwell has embarked on a new project. Teaming up with ex-Los Bitchos instrumentalist Carolina Faruolo, the duo (Abraxas) are to release their collaborative debut LP, Monte Carlo, this October via Suicide Squeeze.

The pair started working together at the beginning of lockdown, with Blackwell in Texas and Faruolo in the UK. Sharing a love for soul, doo-wop and psychedelic cumbia, their music encompasses these inspirations wonderfully, creating what already sound to be a very shapely body of dreaminess!

Ahead of their album, the duo have released first single Abraxas (State of Mind) which, in all it’s sizzling heady glory, initially made me think of The Rolling Stones’ Heaven – a completely random comparison you may think, but for me the sultry feel just took me there. I love the wandering cumbia-inspired rhythm and the scorched melodies. It’s about as dreamy as you can get!

Alongside the single comes the accompanying video (see below) which was created by Horacio Bolz and Edward Heredia. Speaking of the video, the duo explained how the “feeling of weightless-ness and interplanetary discovery permeates through the video beautifully.” …and it truly does!! Enjoy!

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