SONG OF THE DAY Peter Wright – House of Bamboo

PrimaryAhh…this little rascal has got right into my head!! I’ve been humming it all day long, so I thought I’d share!! It’s a bit random and a bit ‘poppy’, but I do like the vocals yelps and ‘hahaha’s’ that merrily crops up throughout!

Peter Wright is an Australian artist from Toowoomba who recorded in the mid-to-late 1960’s for several major record labels. He performed at many iconic venues, from Cairns to Adelaide – and earned gold record status for one of his song, with another achieving a psychedelic cult classic profile.

By the time he released House of Bamboo, Wright had already made two other singles with two different labels, but in a review I read, these haven’t been described as the most exciting of tracks!? Today’s song was a self-penned number he recorded and released in 1967, accompanied by a band called Chapter III. Judging by his rather flexible and animated vocal performance, he was possibly inspired by the likes of the Platters and Jackie Wilson! It’s pop, but it’s got a gritty psychedelic-buzz edge that just drives it off that well-travelled track of psych-pop!

Check it out above!

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