SONG OF THE DAY TOYDRUM – Never Feel This Young

Gavin Clark was a unique, understated and modest artist, always on the brink of discovery and yet always a world away from its limelight.  I have admired his work ever since he started out with his first band Sunhouse back in 1997.

Earlier this year he passed away at the age of just 46 – read a full review on my page here

He had been working on his latest project right up until his death, collaborating with UNKLE members Pablo Clements and James Griffith (aka TOYDRUM).  Together they had been working on a concept album about a flawed preacher which was to be titled ‘Evangelist’.  Both Clements and Griffith decided to complete the album after his passing as a tribute to Clark.

The full album will be released on 11 December, and features among others a contribution from The Bad Seeds’ Warren Ellis.

Also featured last month was the fantastic track ‘God Song’, also taken from this forthcoming release which can be read all about on my page here

Today’s song is taken from ‘Evangelist’ and is titled ‘Never Feel This Young’, which features composer Ludovico Eunaldi and Gavin’s song, Michael Clark.   Listen above.

Clark’s work was stunning and his talent effortless and unpolished, this was his beauty and charm.

Head to for full details.

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