SONG OF THE DAY Bill Osborn — Bamboo and Rice (Instrumental)

Having always been a big fan of DJ Shadow, I was delighted at my random discovery this evening when I stumbled upon a track that Mr Shadow had sampled in Dark Days (Read and listen to DJ Shadow’s song on my blog page here).

hqdefaultWhilst listening to a new release from Germany’s, Tramp Records tonight, I got to the last two songs and instantly knew where I’d heard this tune before, DJ Shadow!  Titled Bamboo and Rice, this fantastically haunting song was released as a single in 1966 with the instrumental version as its B-side, (check out the A-side vocal version below ).

Originally arranged, produced and recorded by Jan Kurtis for the Camelot label, Bamboo and Rice is a love song about the American war in Vietnam and is perhaps now gathering a new generation of ears after being sampled by DJ Shadow in 2002 and, just recently being released as part a brand new, interesting and definitely worth a listen, compilation for Tramp Records titled,  Praise Poems 4.


I really like both versions of this track but have chosen the instrumental for today’s song, check it out above and listen out for part 2 of DJ Shadow’s, Dark Days sample tomorrow!!

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