SONG OF THE DAY Matthew Halsall – Music For a Dancing Mind

The Listening Post Blog is a big,big fan of Matthew Halsall (see my previous posts here and here) and has spent the afternoon listening to his most gorgeously sublime award-winning album, On The Go.

Wonderfully composed by the Manchester-based DJ, bandleader and trumpeter, Matthew Halsall, this album was originally released in 2011.  However, due to popular demand this LP was reissued for the first time on vinyl last year with the added bonus of an additional three previously unreleased (and never heard before) tracks!  This is a superb album and I found it quite hard to pick a favourite song, this is best listened to in its entirety and preferably on loop!! If you’re a fan of drumming as I, indeed, am, there is plenty of thrilling snare work going on here, I love it all!

For today’s song I’ve decided to go with first track, Music For a Dancing Mind!  It’s a corker of a song and the definitely the perfect way to introduce an album! Check it out above and if haven’t already heard this album, go listen/purchase On the Go from here. 

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1 Response to SONG OF THE DAY Matthew Halsall – Music For a Dancing Mind

  1. Melvin says:

    I only discovered Matthew a couple of months ago via Bandcamp and purchased this album. I also have “When The World Was One”. Not sure which one I like more!


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