SONG OF THE DAY Oh Sees – Dreary Nonsense

For the last three years in a row, John Dwyer’s garage rock project, Oh Sees, has released a new album:  Orc in 2017, Smote Reverser in 2018, and last year’s Face Stabber.  Arriving slightly behind schedule (as with everything this year), new album Protean Threat is their latest offering and is to be put out a month late on September 18th via Dwyer’s label, Castle Face Records.

Instead of approaching the new Oh Sees album as ‘Oh Sees’ (fka Thee Oh Sees), the band will release Protean Threat with a slightly altered name – OSees.  Just to keep you on your toes!

OSees actually previewed the entire collection back in March with a performance rehearsal video and a few days ago they revealed the LP’s first studio single, Dreary Nonsense.  Anything but dreary this track packs a lot into its short 1:34 duration and yet scrimps on nothing! Teeming with furious cosmic guitar fireballs and fierce vocals, you get a full on wallop of its unyielding power thrust at you with this one! Check it out above and pre-order the album from here. 

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