SONG OF THE DAY Ted Lucas – Plain And Sane And Simple Melody

A-246231-1553549574-4640It’s bugging me because I know I’ve heard this song before, yet I can find no evidence of it saved anywhere. It’s one of those familiar-friend-in-your-ear kind of songs and it makes me feel calm, I like that and often need that too! I love how music can reach parts that most other things in life can’t!

Theodore Peter Lucas, better known as Ted Lucas, was an understated artist that spent most of his musical days painting the streets of Detroit golden. Though never making a huge name for himself, those who know his music greatly revere his sound, for his heart poured out amidst his all-too-few acid-folk creations.

Throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s, he spent his time in Detroit, playing in the bands he had created. Groups such as the Spike-Drivers, the Misty Wizards, the Horny Toads, and the Boogie Disease were founded by him and he also played guitar, sitar and harmonica on a number of Motown sessions (most notably Norman Whitfield and R. Dean Taylor productions). He even spent time studying the art of raga with Ravi Shankar!  Yet despite all of this, his name is still largely unknown…!

In 1975, he self-released his solo album, Ted Lucas, on his OM Records imprint, but this received little attention in his lifetime. Recorded largely in his attic apartment, the album is divided into a first side of six spare tunes of soft psychedelic folk and a second side with two instrumentals and a wandering blues jam. This gentle and organic offering creeps under the skin and circulates warmth through the body. I love the way he multi-tracks layers of his own harmonies and love the way these songs whisper freedom with their loose and travelling structures. The guitar melodies on here are just as electric as his vocals and connecting with these songs required no effort for me. In fact, they feel like they’ve always been knocking about in my head. This is special!!

Ted Lucas continued playing music up until his death in 1992, leaving behind only scattered documentation of his various output, the most lasting and visible article being this self-titled album. His music is natural, unassuming, but incredibly deep and profound. For me this reaches into the soul and what it finds and connect too is down to you…but connect it does! I love this record!

Today’s song is the first track that led me to this beautiful sound and for this, I am so grateful. The whole album (reissued on Yoga Records over ten years ago) has to be heard in its entiredy, so I’ve pasted it below…press play and don’t stop til you reach the end! Enjoy!

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