SONG OF THE DAY Giuliano Sorgini – Ultima Caccia

At the end of the 1960s in Italy – but also abroad, especially in France and England – a very particular trend began to spread.  Known as ’Library music’ or ‘sonorization’, these actual real music libraries were compiled to provide accompanying music for productions such on TV, adverts, documentaries and films.  Since no boundaries or guidelines were ever set for these collections, it meant that any musical genre went, no matter what it was.  This allowed authors/composers to experiment and explore what was a very vast wealth of sounds!

Known as on of the most mysterious composers of the sonorization and soundtrack genres, there is very little known about the life of Giuliano Sorgini. His name can be linked to multiple albums and compositions (including some of the most infamous, low-budget horror movies ever made in Italy in the mid-70’s), but details of his life remains in short supply.

Over his lengthy musical career, the prolific Italian composer/keyboardist/drummer/pianist/ percussionist released MANY albums, one of which was entitled Zoo Folle.  Known as the ‘Italian holy-grail soundtrack’, this record was originally released in 1974, but recently reissued by Italian label, Four Flies Records.  Remastered from the original master tapes that were preserved for more than 40 years in almost perfect shape, this record is a highly sought after psych-funk album and “a true masterpiece for all breaks-beat lovers, full of rhythmic percussion, acid flute, synth work, dark electronics, drum machines, and crazy hand-claps“.(excerpt taken from liner notes).

The score was composed for an Italian TV movie in 1974 and featured some of the best and leading Italian session players in the soundtrack and library landscape, such as Maurizio Majorana and Antonello Vannucchi (from I MARC 4), Nino Rapicavoli on flute, and Giuliano Sorgini himself on organ, keyboards, piano, drums, and percussion. 

Featured track, Ultima Caccia (translating as Last Hunt), is a wonderfully hypnotic, percussive-driven instrumental with a mysterious edge and other-worldly presence. Often soundtrack compositions can fall apart without the visuals, but this creates plenty of visuals in the mind and those drums…………..those drums!!!!!  I’m surprised this hasn’t been sampled more!!! Check it out above. 

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